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We provide a professional service which is recognised throughout the whole of East Anglia region. Our positive feedback speaks for itself.


Our team will lead on this as it is vital and crucial that every part is done appropriately. However, once the foundation and the setting has been done we then allow family members and friends to join in and contribute towards the burial.


We have a designated member on hand to help guide and assist family members/relatives or friends who wish to carry out the Ghusl. We also allow up to 5 people to watch and learn if they wish to do so. 

Funeral Prayers

We can contact the local mosque and Imam on behalf of the family. We transport the deceased from home to hospital and Mosque to graveyard. Our team is present at the funeral prayers to provide full support and assistance. 


We provide the shrouding cloth for the deceased to be shrouded in. Often is the case, that the family members have a special cloth (it could be the ihram cloth or something similar) which they wish to use - that is also fine.


We provide a service of repatriation for those who wish to make arrangement for sending the deceased abroad. If you would like to know more about this, you would have to contact us directly.  Due to COVID-19 this may be affected.

Preparing Paperwork

We assist you in getting the death certificate from the GP or Hospital as well as the registration office. Obtaining coroners report for Repatriation is also something we do on a regular basis.  We have dedicated members of staff for each service. 

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We Also Provide

  • Wills & Probate Services
  • Baby Burials Are Free  (Ages Below 5)
  • Non Invasive Post Mortems
  • Free Service for those with finance issues.
  • We Provide Kuffan Packs 

  • Flowers (Trained & Qualified Florists)
  • Family Death Committee Organisation
  • Part-Payment Schemes

  • Grave Maintenance Requirements
  • Qur'an Literature Burial

Sign Up! To Our Janazah (Funeral) Updates Service

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It's pretty straight forward. Just drop us a message on WhatsApp with your full name and we will add you to our list. As soon as possible, we send messages to our contacts informing them of the funeral.

Types of graves

There are three main types of graves we provide

1. Earthengrave – Where the grave is dug and the coffin is places within the grave. Thereafter, the soil is placed directly on top of the coffin filling up the entire grave. 

2. Wooden Cover Grave - Now we have an option to add a wooden frame around the coffin for protection of the coffin and the grave. This decision had been made on the request of our senior local Imam, for the protection of the body of the deceased. It was noticed after regular observations that the soil on a lot of graves further inclines into the grave a few weeks after the burial hence a likelihood that the body would then be covered completely in soil. The wooden frame would grant protection to these bodies. 

3. Brick Lined Grave – Once the grave has been dug, a wall is built around it and slabs are placed underneath and above (once the body has been placed).  A plastic waterproof sheet is placed on top of the slabs and then the grave is filled with soil.


Personalised / Designed Headstones

We provide the standard name plate/headstone free of charge which is placed at the head side upon completion of the burial.

However, if you require a personalised headstone then we also provide this service. We supply and design our own Islamic headstones alongside kerb sets.

We provide Urdu/English/Arabic inscriptions and have a variety of materials to choose from.

Every Memorial we produce is different, tailored to the requirements of each family. We understand the need for a fitting tribute to your loved ones and work closely with you to create the Memorial they deserve. Down to the smallest details, we ensure that our quality is of the highest standard, every single time. For more information on this please contact us and we can assist you further.